The urs of ajmer sharif dargah is a very famous and well known festival in India. the urs of ajmer sharif can be celebrated every year in the memory of khwaja Muin-nuddin Chisti who was a grate Sufi saint. the fair of urs in ajmer sharif is the largest Muslim fair in India because every year more then five lakh devotees come here to offer jiyarat to the tomb of khwaza. the ajmer sharif is also known as gareeb nawaz.

on the occasion of urs there are some qwwali also being sung ed by famous quwali singers of India. devotes offers chadar and flowers to their garib nawaz on the day of urs. The ajmer sharif urs is the attraction of Muslims, Hindus and the peoples of other religions also. people of all faiths come here to celebrate the urs of ajmer sharif. special prayers are offered at the mosque in ajmer at the time of urs.

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