Vaisakhi Purnima or Buddha Purnima is the day of birth celebration of Lord Buddha. It is a most important day for Buddhist people. Vaisakhi Purnima observes on the full moon lunar day of the month of Baishakhi. This is the day which related to three most important events of the life of Buddha. On that day Buddha born in 623 BC, he gained knowledge of spiritual thoughts of lord in 588 BC and he died in 543 BC.

There is a myth behind the celebration of Vaisakhi Purnima, according to the Buddhism culture in the previous incarnation of lord Buddha named as Santos Kumar living in heaven. He ordered to take a rebirth as a human being to give a right path to people for reconstructs their life with ritual acts. He gives the knowledge of Moksha to the people. Vaisakhi Purnima is the day when people celebrate it with an enthusiasm and fabulous joy by performing the ritual acts. They take a fast on that day and tried to follow the teaching of Buddha.

Sarnath is the major place where the lord Buddha gained the knowledge of spritual thoughts is the most famous place in India to celebrate this day of Vaisakhi Purnima in this country. Sarnath is famous for ritual acts during the time of this festival of India.

Vaisakhi Purnima In Year 2012 : 5th May

Vaisakhi Purnima is a most celebrated festival of people belongs to the religion of Buddhism. This is the day which is not celebrated only by the

people of Buddhism but also celebrated by the people from other religions in India. Vaisakhi Purnima will be celebrating as on 5th of May in the year of 2012.

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