A place in India in the eastern partin Bihar state which is around 55 km away from Patna, which is the capital of Bihar state. This place is known as first republic in the world and it is the native or birth place of god Mahavira. The name of the place is based on the name of king Vishal from Mahabharata.

Historical Importance of Vaishali:

This was the place where Buddha met with a famous incident of his life chapter ofprostitute Ambapali. Several years after this incident there s one more story associated with place when all monks of India gathered to settle and solve the issue of famous “Vinay rules” .

Vaishali Mahotsava, Arts and Crafts, Sikki Work are of the great importance and glory of this place, people of the city enjoy and celebrate Vaishali Mahotsava energetically.

Famous Visiting Places of Vaishali Which Have Religious Importance :
1. Ashoka Pillar
2. Bawan Pokhar Temple
3. Buddha Stupa – 1
4. Buddha Stupa – II
5. Shanti Stupa
6. Kundupur (Birth Place of Lord Mahavira)
7. Coronation Tank

How To Reach Vaishali :

  • By Air :-

Patna capital of Bihar is the nearest airport to this place Vaishali. Which is around fifty six kms away from this place.

  • By Rail :-

The nearest railway station is Hazipur which is situated on the north and eastern railway, this station is around 56 kms away from this place.

  • By Road :-

Patna 56 kms away, Muzaffarpur 36 kms away and Hazipur 35 kms away. Which are some of the famous stations near this place.

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