February 14 is valentine day or lovers holiday. Valentine day is the day of explain your love to your close friend whom so ever you love. Valentine day celebrated all over the world with love and romance. Kid’s, young and old all people celebrated this day. Spring is considered the first season of the year. The freshness of spring and the colorful blossoms signifies growth, prosperity and well-being.

The lovers and friends give and take candy, flowers, and gifts. Many people send E-card’s to your friends for explain their love. The lovers specially celebrated this day. Valentine’s Day the second largest card-sending holiday in every year.

These day people specially like to play dance with his lovers on folk music. On Valentine day many boys & girls organised party and function in the night and celebrate this festival with great pomp. Some people’s who live in out side they send greeting card’s and gift’s to his relation and friend. Many famous lover say

“Make everyday a valentine day”.

Valentine day is well-known for its greeting card’s and gift’s. Newly married couples goes hill station and other beautiful places to celebrate this day. The young couples specially celebrate this day and folk dance, music and masti are also part of valentine day.

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