February 14 is Valentine’s Day. Valentines Day is a day of love, and to celebrate the spirit of love. It is one of the biggest day of lovers. It shows love and love is forever. This festival is being celebrating from more than eight hundred years in the memories of saint valentine.

Valentine Day is festival of joy and happiness In India. This is a day of lovers they give flowers, sweets, greeting cards, candies and gifts to each other. These day all lovers and boys and girls all look very happy. Many schools hold Valentine’s Day parties when the children make special decorations for their classrooms.

People send greeting cards their relatives and close friends. Old men and women’s celebrate dance and parties in night. One of the interesting aspects of Valentine Day is that on this day lovers explain his love of his Friend’s. this day girls and boys express his love his they his friends. Valentine Day is special day of lovers and love is forever.

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