Valentine Day is a day to expose your love to your loved ones. People give more importance to romantic and love poems on this day because poem can disclose your love and emotions in words. Short poetry on love and romance topics are also liked by many people on valentine day.

A lovely romantic poem can be a perfect gift on valentine day for your true love. On this day many lovers express their emotions with short and sweet poem which a person can not forget in his/her lifetime. You can also submit your romantic poem on valentine day so we can publish them with your name on our site. Submit your love poem in comment section below.

Some of Very Cute Valentine Day Poems :

  • 1. Special Connection

Valentine’s Day is for expressing affection;

Fond thoughts are coming your way;

We’ve always had a special connection,

So Happy Valentine’s Day!

By Joanna Fuchs

  • 2. In Love at Last

In love at last.

Never alone anymore,

Like in the past.

I chose you to love,

My heart to you I give.

I could look the world over,

Never find one so true,

As loving and giving,

There is only one you.

My lover, my friend,

Today you are…

My Special Valentine.

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