Celebrating Valentines Day In India:

Valentines day is dedicated to st. Valentine. It is believed that St. Valentine was a bishop and he had lived in Rome



around AD 270. It is said that modern saint valentines day has been resultant from both Christian and Roman tradition. Valentine day is celebrated like a festival in all around the world. In the United states a big holiday is celebrated on the saint valentines day.

A history of valentines day is related with St.Valentine and king Claudius. A Roman king Claudius had required more men as soldiers to secure his nation from enemies. Claudius believed that a marry man has a sentimental attachment with his family and he become a weak.

So king Claudius had applied banned on marriage. That was a very sad moment for the people of Rome. St. Valentine was also not happy with his decision. St. Valentine thought a plan of peoples marriage. St. Valentine arranged a secret marriage ceremony against

king Claudius. In the memory of that ceremony valentine day is celebrated.

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