Vaaman Jayanti :


Mahabali and Vaaman – by shakti Varman flickr

Vaman Jayanti is a birth celebration of the firth incarnation of lord Vishnu as the Vaman Avatar on earth. Lord Vaman was born on 12th day of Shukla Paksha (Bhadrapad month) of lunar Hindu calendar. It is a day which is celebrated as day to worship lord Vishnu for prosperity and peace of life by people through out the country of India.

There is a beautiful myth behind the fifth incarnation of lord Vishnu as the Vaman Avatar on the earth. There was a demon Mahabali. Though, he was so kind but he was become so much powerful and lord Indra felt himself weak against him. Than he had reached to lord Vishnu for refuse the power of King Mahabali.

For this purpose lord Vishnu appeared as Vaman Avatar on this earth. This is one of the most religious days in our country. People from various communities offeres worship to lord Vishnu on this day and performs various type of ritual acts to make happy the Supreme power of world. They also keep fast on that day.

  • Vaman Jayanti Hindu Festival In 2013 : 16 September
  • Vaman Jayanti Hindu Festival In 2014 : 6 September

Vaman Jayanti is one of fabulous religious days of Hindu religion in India and celebrated each of years with great joy and enthusiasm in the country.

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