Vaman Puja is also known as name of Vaman Dwadashi Puja. Vaman Puja is a  festival which is celebrated on twelth day of Shukla Paksha of Ashadh month throughout the country. This is a day when lord Vishnu has taken an Avatar of Vaman. It was the first incarnation of lord Vishnu with a complete form of human. It is said that vaman was born from Kashyapa and Aditi. He was the younger brother of lord Indra.

There are some religious and interesting myths or stories behind the firth incarnation of lord Vishnu as Vaman. There was a demon king Mahabali. He was also a priest of lord Vishnu but he was a demon and want to occupy the rule of heaven from the lord Indra. He was much powerful too. to control king Mahabali’s power, lord Vishnu had taken an incarnation of a Brahmin and beaten him by a trick.

Vaman Puja is one of most famous festivals in India. It is also celebrated in northern parts and southern parts of India. People performs various types of religious acts regarding to the importance of this day. They offer pooja fruits, flowers and prasad to lord Vishnu at various temples.

Vaman Puja In Year 2012: 

The festival of Vaman Puja is celebrated each years. This is a good time to worship lord Vishnu with auspicious acts on this day.

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