Varaha Jayanti In India:


Varaha Avtaar

Varaha jayanti is the birth celebration of third incarnation of Lord Vishnu called lord Varaha. Varaha is a form of lord Vishnu with the head of a boar and other parts of human being. Varaha jayanti is celebrated each of the years. Varaha Avatar of lord Vishnu had taken birth for rescue the earth from a demon Hiranyaksha who dragged out the earth into the ocean. Varaha taken the earth on his tusks and killed the demon to save the earth.

Varaha jayanti celebrated each of the years in all over the India by the various communities from Hindu religion but especially by Vaishnavas from northern part of India. This is the day when people do various ritual and religious acts related to the day to gain good bless. People organize various programs too and also observe fast on that time of Varaha jayanti in India.

  • Varaha jayanti Festival  In Year 2013: 8 September
  • Varaha jayanti Festival  In Year 2014: 28 August

This is day which is most popular among people from Vaishnava Dharma. It is time to perform religious acts by Hindu people.

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