Varalakshmi Vratam Festival :

Varalakshmi Puja is celebrated as festival in Tamilnadu, Karnatka, Andra Pradesh and Maharashtra. Varalakshmi puja is hearty worshiped and pray by people at temple of Goddess laxmi. it is believed that married women does Varalakshmi Puja or Varalakshmi Vrat to take bless of Goddess Laxmi to increase or get Wealth and prosperity with her husband and family.

A short story is behind it is that Goddess Parvati asked his Husband Lord Shiv that how can a married women can preserve and increase the wealth and prosperity of her husband and family.

Lord Shiv replied that Varalakshmi puja or Vrat is the best way to make happy to Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity –Laxmi. another say’s is that lady Charumati does this Varalakshmi puja to get Wealth and prosperity from the Goddess laxmi.

Friday Before fool moon day is celebrated as Varalakshmi puja of Tamil Month ‘Aadi’ . Shravan month is for Marathi, Telugu and Karnataka calendar. In Skandh Purana full description of Varalakshmi Puja is available. Women clean their house, take holy bath and make arrangements for Puja. Women also keep fast on this day and arrange puja at the temple of goddess laxmi. Worshiping of goddess laxmi on this day is same as worshiping to Ashthalaxmi, eight Goddess of Wealth, Prosperity and Fame etc.

  • Date of famous Varalakshmi Pooja in year 2012 :

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