Varalakshmi Festival of goddess Lakshmi. This Varalakshmi vratam festival is celebrated all over the India. Ladies performed pooja on this day of varalakshmi. people celebrate the Varalakshmi Festival with a great joy and happiness.

On the occasion of Varalakshmi Festival women cleans their home and then prepare for special pooja. some of women also make rangoli at home and temples. the home or temple can be decorated with many flowers . then at the time of evening all of family members get together and take food. women make sweet dish and delicious food at home for their family members.

The day of varah laxmi festival, people observe fast and some people observe waterless fast. On this day women & girls wear yellow cloth. They goes to the temple of varalakshmi and performed pooja and pray for them and their family. Varalakshmi is the Goddess of all wealth and gives us whatever we want. so people pray for health & wealth.

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