Vasant Panchami Festival:

Saraswati puja is a one of the most religious occasion in India. It is celebrated on the Vasant Panchami. It is also known as ‘Shree Panchami’. The day is totally committed to goddess Saraswati.

She is worshiped on this day. She has an ‘asana of white lotus’. She holds four things in her four arms. These things are given in the below-

Basant Flower

Basant Flower

1). A book

She has a book of holy Vedas. It represents heavenly, eternal and real knowledge.

2). A Rosary

In one arm, she has a crystals rosary. It defines her power of holiness and meditation.

3). A Pot

She has also a pot that is filled with hallow water. It show the formation and cleansing powers of goddess Saraswati.

4). The Vina

She has a musical instrument also that called ‘Vina’. It demonstrate her excellence of music and arts.

She rides a white swan. It is said that if offered a mixture of water and milk to swan, he able to drink only milk. Thus, the white swan symbolizes favoritism between the good and bad things. Because of her relation with swan, that is

why she known as a ‘Hansa-Wahini’. It means she has a Wahan of swan.

Saraswati Puja – Vasant Panchami Festival

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