Vat Savitri Purnima Hindu Festival:

Day Purnima (a full moon) of Month of Jyeshta (May – June) is known as day of married women whose husband alive. It is not celebrated like Deewali and Holi festival but has an important place in Hindus culture of festival. Banyan tree (vat) alive more then any kind of tree on the earth and known as lord Vishnu’s residential according to Hindu culture. So women make pooja and worship to it for long life for there husbands.


There is one more story behind this occasion. Savitri –wife of satyawan save his life from Yamadoot on this day. She gets news before her marriage that she will lose her husband after one year of marriage from dev rishi “Narayana”.

But till then she decide to get married with him. After one year of marriage when Yamadoot comes to take away soul of satyawan, savitri stop them and says to take her too with him. After long conversation and fight with savitri Yamadoot lay down against her strength, faith and love with her husband and leave the soul of satyawan.

So this day was the victory of a wife on the god of death (Yamaraaj). On this day from two days before women starts to fast. She wake-up early morning, take a holy bath, wear wedding dress (worked sarees and lehanga) with jewelry (symbol of married women), and goes to Banyan tree (object of long life) for pooja. She ties a white thread around the vat and takes round of it. Women listen and tell the great story of savitri-satyawan with full of devotion and loyalty.

After worshiping vat and savitri husband fills sindoor or Kumkum over the middle of her wife’s head. Wife gives respect and touches his feet (Charan Sparsh) for love and kindness of him. Women give all this things – clothes, fruits to Brahmin as a charity. This festival is celebrated across the country specially in Maharashtra.

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