Vata Savitri Purnima / poornima festival, Vata Savitri Vrata, Vata Purnima / poornima, Vat Purnima / poornima, The story of Vat Savitri Purnima / poornima, importance of Vata Savitri Purnima.

Vat Savitri purnima is a festival of women. Vata Savitri Purnima is a very famous Hindu festival of India which can be celebrated across the country specially in Maharashtra. Vat Savitri purnima can be celebrated by the women on the full moon day of Jyeshtha mas. Vata Savitri Purnima is also known as vata purnima or vat purnima. on the day of Vata Savitri Purnima women pray for long life of their husbands and they pray that they never be widows. The significance of Vat Savitri purnima is connected to the legend story of Savitri and satyawan. in this story savitri got back her dead husbands life form yama.

On this day which is also usually a Amavasya (no moon day) the vata or we can say banyan tree is worshipped by women’s, at some places it is also observed on Jyaishtha Purnima. women take fast for the three days, or at least on the last day. women wake up early in the morning and take bathed and go to worship the Vata (banyan tree) in different groups. Vat Savitri purnima is meant only for the married women.

On this occasion of Vata Savitri Purnima women keep fast For their husbands, women wear bridal type dresses and jewelery. After breaking their fast, fruits, clothes and such other articles are given in charity in a bamboo basket to the Brahmin’s. Women worship a banyan (vata) tree, and listen to the story of Savitri in groups. after all this women can offer prayer and worship. during this puja women pray for good health of their husbands. women feed water to the tree, sprinkle red powder (kumkum) on it, cotton threads are wrapped round tree’s trunks and then they go seven times round and do the parikrama.

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