Hindu’s Religious Book Vayu Purana :

Puranas have always played an important part since ancient times in narrating the history and origins of universe, kings, gods, demi-

Vayu Purana

God Vayu - The God of Wind

gods, sages, heroes, etc. These Puranas hold a significant place in Hindu, Buddhist and Jain religions. Puranas generally were written like stories which mention a particular deity. They have been translated by several Brahmin scholars and are narrated in temples and religious places.

Vayu Purana is a religious Hindu text which consists of about 24,000 shlokas and is dedicated to God Vayu (The God of Wind). It is also known as Shaiva Purana. The Vayu Purana describes that the Puranas were recited by mighty Lord Brahma. According to it, a person has to properly understand the Puranas in order to thoroughly understand Vedas and Upanishadas.

The first part of Vayu Purana consists of general features of Purana and has description of legends which glorify Lord Shiva, several Mahatma, ritual texts, stotras, Pitrs and their sect. It is believed that the Vayu Purana was recited by God Vayu, due to which it got its name as Vayu Purana. The Vayu Purana basically consists of four Padas, Prakriya, Upodghata, Anusanga and Upasamhara.

 Vayu Purana deals with several topics such as:

  • Creation and Recreation of our Universe
  • The measurement of time (Kala)
  • Origin of several gods such as Agni, Varuna, etc.
  • Origin and descendants of Sages, rakshasa, daityas, pitrs and gandharvas
  • Origin of birds, animals, creepers and trees
  • Genealogies of several ancient kings
  • Geography of earth and its seven dvipas
  • Description of inhabitants of several dvipas
  • Description of seven Patalas along with their names
  • Description of solar system and celestial bodies
  • Description of four yugas and 14 manvantaras
  • Chapters on Music
  • Several Shakhas of Vedas
  • Pashupata-yoga
  • Duties of people belonging to various castes
  • Funeral rites

Today there are several editions of Vayu Purana available in the market. They include original text in Sanskrit which has been verse by verse translated into English.

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