Vayu Sena Diwas is dedicated to give a great salute to Indian Air Force. Force of a nation is a base for people living in the country. It is the part of safety of lives of people and assets of a nation too. Without a strong force a country can not survive from enemy of nation. In India there are major three types of forces surviving the borders of country from various enemy nation or people. Those forces are categories in Air Force, Land Force and Water Force or India. all of those forces working together but in their field of work.

Air Force is a major part for India because there are many chances from enemies of attack form sky. India has its own strong air force and ready to survive the people by sky battle. There are many chances from our neighbor nations like Pakistan and China for battle. Because there are many problems between India and its neighbor countries. Indian Air Force Day in India has an importance for the people of India to remember sacrifices had done by air force soldiers to make safe our country.

Vayu Sena Diwas celebrated each of the years in India and celebrate with great enthusiasm by India army with all forces of country. This day is dedicated to those soldiers who died for our nation.

Vayu Sena Diwas In Year 2012: 8th October

Vayu Sena Diwas celebrated each of the years in our country and government of India organizes various programs on that time. In year 2012 it will also be celebrated on 8th October with same enthusiasm of previous years of celebration.

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