Vesak is a one of the most sacred day in Buddhism. On the vesak Mahatma Buddha’s birth, his illumination and his death are celebrated. Vesak day is also celebrated in the memory of Gautama Buddha’s first lecture. Vesak day is sign of delight and meditative. Vesak day is celebrated as an annual holiday by Buddhist people. On the vesak day people committed to follow the eight path of life given by Mahatma Buddha.

Vesak festival is related to huge affairs and festival filled with vegetarian meals, animals, silent parade, and remembrance of Buddha and also filled with meditation. Vesak day is also known as a “Buddha Purnima”. Vesak day is celebrated on a different time by varied countries. They celebrates vesak day according to their lunar calendars. For examples in Theravada countries vesak is celebrated on the purnima and in China vesak is celebrated on the eighth lunar of the April month.

According to old Indian calendar vesak day is celebrated on the full moon of May month. The importance of vesak day is related with Mahatma Buddha and his message of calm to all human beings.

Vesak Purnima Date In Year 2012

The Date of Vesak Purnima In 2012 :28 April 2012

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