Dussehra or Dasara Festival is a very popular holy festival of Hindu peoples in India. The name of this festival is dasara stands for ten days celebrations of this popular festival. the day dates information of Dussehra or Dasara Festival are listed below. this timing and date information is useful for all of people who want to get information when it is coming and etc. the Dussehra festival of usually comes in English month October and being celebrated for ten days.

The 10th day is known as Vijaya Dashami. Dussehra or Dasara Festival shows the victory of good over evil. People celebrate this festival in many forms, they play the Ramlila, attractive fireworks, pooja of temples of ram sita and hanumaan and cultural programmes etc.

Vijya Dashmi, Dussehra Festival Day Dates In year 2012 :

* Vijaya Dashami, Dussehra Festival in year 2012 – 24 Oct 2012

Note :- please watch calender also before confirmation of timing.

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