Vijaya Dashmi is the celebration of victory of goodness over badness. Vijaya Dashmi festival also known as “Dashahara” is the day when Lord Ram Killed Ravan (Ten Headed king of Lanka). Ravan also known as “Dashanan” because of he has ten heads. He kidnapped Lord Ram’s Wife “Seeta”.

Then Ram goes to Lanka with Monkey-Force (“Vanar- Sena”) and fight with Ravan to Secure and get back his wife. Vijaya Dashmi is celebrated across the country by making high and big statue of Ravan by Paper and woods. At night times a big fair is arranged, two child artists get dressed in the role of Ram and Laxman. They fire the statue of Ravan, which that shows the victory of good over evil.

One more saying it that On the day of Vijaya Dashmi Maa Gurga (Goddess Shakti) killed Demon Mahinshasur After ninth day battle. Tenth day of Ashwin (usually in between sep.-oct.) is celebrated as this great festival Vijaya Dashmi.

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