The first day of first Malayalam Month- “Madam” is known as Vishu. On this day sun enters into Madam rashi that represents a solar new year according to the “Madam”. People Celebrate this day for Prosperity of New Year.

Malayalees starts this day by seeing the picture of lord Krishna and Vishukani (Auspicious Sight) in the early Morning. People think that what you see first on this day will decide your days ahead. Vishukani is the collection of auspicious thing like God pictures, gold, jewelry, flowers, fruits etc.

This day brings lots of spirit that consumes in all of the festivals of spring. The people wear new clothes on this occasion. Elders distribute token (coins) to the children, servants and yungures of the family with closing eyes from Vishukani.

Vishu Festival Celebration:

People enjoy by bursting fire Crackers after vishukani function. Women’s starts to prepare lunch while Men and children’s busy with the joy of fire cracking. Dish of the Day “Sadva” is prepared for the vishu lunch taken by family together. Dishes prepared by jackfruits, mangoes, pumkins and coconuts, vegetables and fruits which are available during the season. .

Youngsters visit house to house and collect money as a donation for the fair “Vishuvela” organized at evening of the day. They do this by dressing dried bananas leaves around the waists called “chozhi” and wearing a mask on the face. People give money to them happily. At the end of day collection of money spend on the various activities like – music, traditional dances.

Temple Guruvayur, Sabarimala, Padmanaba filled with the rush of devotees for participating in special pujas. People do pray and worship for the Joyful and prosperous New Year and view the ‘Vishukani” that

prepared over there.

Vishu Festival Date in Year 2012:

  • The Date of Famous Vishu Festival This year is: 14 April 2012

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