Vishva Bhu Jal Diwas is dedicated to the day which is made to enhance the awareness about the safe use of earthen water sources and under water resources. Now this is the time of lacking drinking and usable water on the earth. In all over the world approximately 70% of part is fulfilled by the water but drinking and usable water is in little quantity in ratio of the population of the world.

Water may be big problem for the people in future because we are wasting most of the water than the uses. This may be big problem in future.

“Water is life” without water we can not survive. For this purpose 17th of June is declared as the day of Vishva Bhu Jal Diwas to increase the awareness about the survivals of wasting of water. On this day in India Central Government organizes various programs to spread out the awareness of lack of water resources and to awareness about the importance of water for a living being.

Vishva Bhu Jal Diwas in Year 2012: 17 June

In India as like the other countries of world Vishva Bhu Jal Diwas will be held as the date of 17th of June. It is the time for us to awake from the luxuries of water uses and wastage.

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