Vishwa Theater Diwas (World Theater Day):

World Theater Day is an Opportunity to know more about the theater in all around the world. It is an experience to share the culture and tradition of various forms of theatre in all over the world. It is the day to verify the importance of this part of life.

Theaters are the major part of entertaining the people and also a way to learning the people about the most critical issues of our society. World Theater Day is a platform to understand about the various situations of countries in world. World Theater Day is an important day to evaluate the contributions of countries and makers of for the human values. There is an official day fixed to celebrate World Theater Day which is 27th of March.

Theaters are the path to inform and educate the people about various parts of life. Theaters has an ability to make us pleasure, to make us cry, to make us small, to make us more aware about the things. Each parts of the world have its own culture and traditions and World Theater Day is the time to salute each of the culture of nations and people belongs to various religions.

  • World Theater Day In Year 2014: 27th March

World Theater Day is dedicated to the contribution of various people who working for social thoughts and for entertaining of people. There is an official day to celebrate this World Theater Day which is 27th of March and in year 2014 it will be celebrate various countries along with India.

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