Vishwakarma Jayanti is the birth day of lord Vishwakarma of Hindu religion. He is the lord famous for engineering and for architecture. Vishwakarma Jayanti is the birth day of lord Vishwakarma who appeared firs in Rig Veda of Hindu religion.

Vishwakarma Jayanti is celebrated as a birth of a ritual architecture on the earth.  It is the famous festival for Northern parts of India. It is also celebrate in the month of Magh of Hindu Calendar in some of the north and west corners of India. This day is also known as the name of Biswakarma Puja in the eastern parts of the country. Vishwakarma was a divine architect of the universe

and the also known as the divine carpenter for the earth. On that day people from various communities organizes especial prayers for him. It is the holistic time for labors, mechanics, carpenters, draftsmen and other workers. This is the day to offer social worship the lord Vishwakarma.

Vishwakarma Jayanti in 2012 :

Vishwakarma Jayanti celebrated on different dates with various parts of India. It is celebrated in West and some of the North parts of India.

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    congratulations, i know well about viswakarma bhagavan. thank you very much. we want know any more information about viswakarma and gayathri.

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