Baikunth Chaudas is a major festival celebrated in Srinagar. This festival is also known as the name of Baikunth Chaturdashi. This festival observe each of the year in month of October or November. Baikunth Chaudas celebrated on the fourth day of Krishna Paksha of Kartika moth of Hindu calendar.

This festival is one of the most celebrated festivals as a ritual fasting celebration. During this festival observe a hard ritual fast for whole day. They spent whole day of Baikunth Chaudas without taking a single drop of water.

Myth of Baikunth Chaudas:

There is a myth behind the celebration of Baikunth Chaudas festival in India. there is a saying that if a person who had no child and want to a child than he have to spent a whole night of Baikunth Chaudas in a river or a holistic water pond or lake than his or her desire will be fulfill.

Baikunth Chaudas Fair In Srinagar :

On the occasion of Baikunth Chaudas there is a ritual or holistic fair organizes in Srinagar. During these festival thousands of people participate with their holy desire and thoughts. They perform various ritual acts during this fair time. During the time of this fair at Srinagar people from various corners participate with their products and perform in this fair.

Baikunth Chaudas In 2013: 16 November

Baikunth Chaudas celebrated each of the years on fourth day of waxing phase of moon in kartika month of Hindu calendar or Indian calendar. This will be the time of fun and ritual acts.

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