Vrishabha Sankranti Fast:

Vrishabha Sankranti is also known as Vrushabha Sankraman. Vrishabha Sankranti is the period during when Sun moving to



Vrishabha rasi (Taurus zodiac) from Mesha rasi (Aries zodiac). Sankranti is the time when Sun changing direction from one rashi to another.

In every month sun moves from one Rashi to another. There are 12 Sankranti times in a year. Vrishabha Sankranti day is commonly known as Brudha Sankranti in Orissa. Sankramana Snana is performed during Vrushabha Sankranti in many holy places.

Pitru Tharpan or Shraddh Tharpan is main rituals observed on this day. Vrishabha Sankranti is also a beginning of Edavam masam as per Malayalam month.

It falls during Vaisakh month in Gujarati, Marathi, Telgu and Kannada calendars and Jyeshta month in North Indian Hindi Calendars. Vrishabha Sankranti is the beginning of the second month in Hindu Solar Calendar. On Vrishabha Sankranti gifting cow is known as

Gau Daan and is considered very important. In South India Sankranti is called as Sankramanam. Vrishabha Sankranti is important Sankranti for Dan Punya (charity) to the poor people.

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