What is Diwali:

Diwali is the most significant five day festival for people who believe in Hinduism, Sikhism and Jainism. It is celebrated in India and Nepal. It is also know as the name of Deepawali and it is the festival of lights. The festival of diwali has most important celebration for people in sense of myth logically and historically. Diwali is the time of cleaning home and workplaces to celebrate it for the joy and happiness. It is the holly festival celebrated in the month of October/November.

Reasons For The Celebration of The Diwali Festival:

1)      The Victory of Rama: according to the most of the people diwali celebrated in the memory of The Lord Rama returns to Ayodhya after killing Ravan.

2)      The Goddess Laxmi’s Birthday: according to Indian mythology this is the day of goddess laxmi’s birthday, who is the goddess of wealth, peace and success.

3)      Krishna Killed Narkasur: on this day the Lord Krishna killed the demon Narkasur.

4)      Returns of Pandavas: according to the Mahabharata on this day Pandavas return to home after the punishment of 12 years, so this is the important day.

5)      Arya Samaj: on this day the great Maharshi Dayanada, who was the founder of arya samaj attained nirvana.

6)      Special Day for Sikh and Jain: It is the special day for both sikhis and Janis; on this day The Guru Gobind Singh ji returns to Amritsar from jail of Gwalior and on this day The Lord Mahavira take nirvana.

Significance of The Festival Diwali:

The festival of diwali plays a most important role for all the communities. It is not only a festival of joy and lights but also it is a festival of Victory of goodness over badness. It is the day when people prays to god for bright future and for achieve new challenges of life.

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