Hanuman Ji Aarti:

Ram Navami is a most holy festival of Hindu religion. It is committed in the remembrance of lord Ram. This day is also known as a birthday of god Ram. It comes in the month of March. According to Hindu calendar ram navami occurred on the ninth day of Chaitra month. It is celebrated in all over India as a spiritual festival.

Ram Navami Festival of Lord Rama:

Ramrajya is famous for the calm and affluence. Everybody was very happy in that time of Ram. Mahatma Gandhi also had said about India that it should be like ‘Ramrajya’ after the independence of India. On this day in northern India a chariot is decorated. In this chariot lord Rams idol is setup and four persons are carried this chariot of Ram.

A large crowd of devotees are gathered there in the honor of Ram. Rama’s birthday festival is also dedicated to the Sun or Surya because Rama’s Reign supposed them to have descended from the sun.

Some people believed that it is a best occasion to worship lord Ram and lord Sun. Sun is a progenitor of Ram’s ruler.

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