Wo Kala Ek Bansuri Wala is a devotional song of lord Krishna. In this song Radha is presenting lord Krishna as a thief of her heart. She describing about the features of lord Krishna. Lord Krishna is the lord of universe. He is a supreme power of the world.

Lord Krishna is an essence of Hinduism. He was the eight incarnation of lord Vishnu. Lord Krishna was given religious instruction to Arjun through Bhagwat gita the religious book of Hindus.

This devotional song of lord Krishna Wo Kala Ek Bansuri Wala is a very soft and smooth song of him. There is a lyric of this song which is fabulously sung by Bhajan Samrat Anup Jalota as following.

Lyrics of Wo Kala Ek Bansuri Wala:

Wo Kala Ek Bansuri Wala

See Video Here:

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