23rd of April 1616 was the date when the great authors Shakespeare and Inca Garcilaso de la Vega died and it was the date which decided by UNESCO for declared as World Book Day. The main purpose of celebration of World Book and

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Copyright Day is to improve the awareness about the literature, great authors and the great books of worlds.

It is the day of celebration to know about various philosophies described by various philosophers through their books. World Book Day is dedicated to the celebration of a day to know the cultures and traditions of book writing and awareness of various worldwide topics of the history.

23rd of April is not only a day of world books but also a day for copyright of books. This is the day also known as World Book and Copyright Day. During that time in various countries some authorized organizations and groups organize various exhibitions and book fairs. This is the time for youth to learn or read very honest books of literature.

During those exhibitions various kinds of book a person can obtain and can view. There are many topics of books like religious, romantic stories, political topics, global problems, or ritual thoughts of great people, biography of great persons etc.

World Book Day in 2014 : 23rd April

World Book Day is a most important day for every book lover. It is the day by which we can get lots of interesting book and it is also a time to salute those personalities who worked in the world of literature. In India World Book Day also celebrate each year.

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