World Consumer Day is a sign of protection of consumers from the manufacture and traders of various consumable products and services in all around the world. 15th of March is the day when the president John F Kennedy of America gave an speech in favor of consumer rights in US congress.

World Consumer Day:

Than 15th of March are marks as consumer movements in all over the world. Each of the years on that day people from various counties organizes a consumer movement for awareness of consumer rights and duties of service providers or producer of products.

Today is the time of development of countries for this purpose they are motivating the consumer product manufactures and traders for generate the economical environments. It is the time of marketing but all of the business depends on consumers who are ultimate user of those products and services. To earn more money or more profits producers and businessmen are trying unusually things not favor for consumers. Now day’s consumer becoming the king of market.

He is spending money than he wants to some rights against the product and service quality, quantity, price and other elements. The main theme of Consumer rights is ‘Our Money Our Will’. A consumer can spend his money according to his desire. He wants to avoid the frauds of producer or traders. All of those causes for consumer rights. So the World Consumer day is dedicated to the safety of consumers from the frauds of producer or traders of products or services.

World Consumer Day India In Year 2014: 15th March

India is also a big market for various companies not only originated in India but also from other parts of the world. They are investing thousands of caror rupees in India. So to avoid the frauds and for safety of consumer there is a law of consumer too. And also celebrate the World Consumer Day as on 15th of March in each year.

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