World Environment Day:

World Environment Day is the celebration to spread out the awareness the importance of whole world’s natural environment. 5th of June is the day which is declared as the World Environment Day for the world by United nation. In the



year of 1972 there was a universal conference organizes about the critical situation of our natural environment. This conference was held from 5th of June to 16th of June in the year of 1972. 5th June was the beginning of United Nations Conference on the Human Environment so it was declared as the World Environment Day.

Now Environment pollution is becoming most dangerous problem for the living beings of whole world. If we can not control this problem than it may be destroy the living beings from the earth. So to spread out the awareness of Environment safety and to trace out the attraction of governments of nations in the whole world this day is celebrated as a day of World Environment Day in all over the world.

World Environment Day is also celebrated each of the years in India as the day of survival of natural environment. On that day government of India organizes various programs at various major places of India to enhance the awareness about this problem.

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