World health Day is the day which is celebrated as the day of founding of an International health organization named WHO

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(World Health Organization). This is the day which is celebrated as on 7th of April of the each of years. It is the day which is a sign to improve the health of people and make them aware about the health. ‘WHO’ is a key organization of this field of health improvement globally.

It is working on the global issues of health. And trying to organize various events and programs on International level, Country level and at Local level too in all over the world. ‘WHO’ is famous organization of this field and it working by donating the medicine, healthy foods and money to need able countries.

Now the World Health Day is dedicated focus on a critical subject of ‘antimicrobial resistance’ and its International spreads. World Health Organization prepares to fight this problem in the world. WHO is also focused on a dangerous disease HIV/AIDS which is spread out through out the world. In India WHO is looking to dominate this disease by its global strategy.

World health Day In 2014: 7th April

World health Day is a day to make aware the people from various diseases and be preparing to fight with that disease of human beings.

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