An International Organization UNESCO promote the day of 8th of September each of the year as World Literacy Day to spread out awareness of the importance of Literacy for societies in all over the world. This organization is working in this field for enhance circumstances of healthy societies in the world. Literacy is a base for a country to be developed. India is one of the developing countries in the world and it may not be developed country without avoiding the importance of literacy.

Vishva Saksharta Diwas 2013 India : 8 Sep 2013

India is a country of farmers. There are so much universal problems too. To reduce and be confidence on the level of international base it has to increase the level of Literacy. For this purpose government of India is making various types of educational programs in rural and urban Indian regions. In the year of 2007 Indian literacy rate was 68% of total population which was 12% at the time of 1947. So India is growing quickly in this field but there are many weaknesses in our literacy programs.

There are some of the state is working well for literacy of people. Kerala is the most literate state of the country with the number of 94.59% literacy rate while Bihar is so slow in this field with 47% of literacy rate. To be 100 % literacy rate we have to reduce these differences of various states about literacy programs.

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