World Nature Day is the day dedicated to natural environment of earth. Now time in all over world there are a war among nation to be most developed country. All of those countries working for their own objectives they do not care about the natural condition of earth. Without a clean natural environment human beings can not survive themselves. Nature is life for human beings. There are many types of restrictions created by human beings for natural environment.

Humans are so selfish. Those people just looking for their profits of current time they have not any care about the environment in which we are living. There are many elements in natural environment like air, water, trees, hills, rivers, ponds, animals etc. all of those factors are essential for human beings. But we are destroying all of those elements of natural environment. Now human beings are looking for space and deep of oceans. It may be useful for human but we have not tried to cross our limit.

World Nature Day is the day which is celebrated to spread out awareness of importance of clean and healthy natural environment for human beings and other livings beings of earth. We have to just improve the knowledge of people and try to understand them about significance of Nature for living beings. In India there is a dangerous situation because population is increasing quickly and cutting of trees, making of dirty water, polluting air is being a major problem for the county.

World Nature Day In Year 2012: 3rd October

World Nature Day celebrated each years in all over the world on the date of 3rd October and in year 2012 it will be celebrate as on same date of 3rd October. In India it will be also celebrated with large scale in parts of country.

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