World Red Cross Day is a celebration to motivate or giving tribute to selfless volunteer who working for the people who are needy. It is an honored celebration to give a salute those of people for their contribution for social problems. There is organized a national seminars each of the year in national headquarter to inspire those of people for their work. The main theme of this seminar is ‘Our future and our strength – Committed to Volunteer’.

World Red Cross Day celebrated as on 8th May each of the years by the Red Cross Society of India and each of the seminar commanded by experience members. They give instruction or direction to volunteers for their result oriented efforts for society.

This celebration organizes in various states of India. Gujarat, Rajasthan, Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Bihar, Calcutta, Orissa and Jharkhand etc. are the state which celebrates this World Red Cross Day with a great honor and joys in front of thousands of people.

World Red Cross Day In 2012: 8th of May

World Red Cross Day celebrated by the thousands of people who want to change the society and wants to reduce or remove the diseases of Indian society. In year 2012 this will be celebrate as on 8th of May all over India.

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