Women were avoiding from the thousands of the years by socially, economically, mentally, and by physically. All of those causes for a creation of environment in favor of women. International Women day had an originated event behind this celebration of women in all over the world. It is started from New York, women in a garment company demanded for the batter working condition for women.

They were paying half of the salary was paying to the male workers whereas they were working equally as male workers. They did not a right to vote as like male workers. They died early because of less of health. In the year of 1910 the international conference decided that there have to equal behavior for both male and women in the society. After it the day of 8th of March is declared as international women day.

As like United Nation most of the countries of the world accepted that day as an international women day. The government of India also celebrated that day as a Day of Women and celebrating as International Women Day. This the day which giving the sign that both male and female are equal and have to behave similar.

International Women Day in India in 2014 : 8th March

As like each of the year every Indian have to respect this day as a day of women and try to understand the importance of women for the universe. In India we will celebrate this occasion on 8th of March in year 2014 as like some other countries.

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