Krishna is a legend of our religious ingredient of Hinduism born about 5000 years ago in Dwapara Yuga. He is the lord of spiritual outlook and an expansionary of truth on the earth.

He was the son of Devki and nephew of Kansa. But he was lot of near to Mother Yashomati who did not give him birth but cared him as like more than a son.

There is a song of Yashomati Maiya Se Bole Nandlala which emphasizes the relationship between both of them. We can envisage the love behind both of them where as they have not a blood relation through this song.

This is a devotional song in which Krishna asking to his mother Yashomati that why Radha so much fair where as his has a color of shady. And mother Yashomati giving him answer with a very lovely path. This is the song of Krishna which is one of most popular devotional song among other Bhajan of Krishna. There is a lyric of Yashomati Maiya Se Bole Nandlala as following.

Yashomati Maiya Se Bole Nandlala Lyrics:

Yashomati Maiya Se

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