Zen Meditation Techniques:

Zen meditation adheres to the Buddhist way of life that edifies a person to free him of all the worldly thought with the help of meditation techniques. Zen meditation permits the body and mind to lighten up and experience peace of mind. Regular practice of Zen meditation helps ease stress from our lives, by soothing and comforting the mind.

The following are the methods of Zen techniques that can be followed for complete relaxation of body, mind and soul. Allow yourself to relax and sit in a comfortable position with your back straight and your body should be relieved of any physical uneasiness and steady.

Meditation is a sure source of getting rid of stress, worry or grief from your life, as meditation helps in draining your mind.  Establish deep breathing. With each exhalation, count one, and when you inhale, count two, like this establish deep and even breathing till the count of ten. This is the best way for beginners to establish the breathing routine.

As you get comfortable with ten breaths, you can slowly increase the time limit for your meditation and extend till about half an hour. Of course there will be moments when your meditation might weaken, but this happens with the practised of people. So you need to concentrate even more, so that you will be able to achieve complete relaxation and discipline for your mind.

Some people also choose relaxation music for meditation as not everyone is comfortable with serenity. Nature sounds are usually preferred for relaxed music, like sounds of the ocean, the rhythmic rise and fall of the ocean waves helps us establish a rhythmic breathing technique, thereby allowing our mind to relax.

Zen Meditation techniques has been practised for around hundred years and more, and was mostly found in the eastern parts of Asia, but due to its effective soothing therapy, it has slowly caught up to the west, where more and more people, looking for calm and peace have taken up Zen Meditation.

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